Mailing List Policy

The Dante Society of America maintains an electronic mailing list for the purpose of distributing to its members announcements pertaining the activities of the Society and other major Dante-related events and publications.

Subscription to the mailing list is a benefit of membership in the Society. Only current members of the Society are eligible to subscribe. New members are added on a monthly basis by the Secretary, but may unsubscribe at any time. Members who do not renew their membership within a reasonable period of time may be removed from the list.

Current and past-due members will continue to receive periodic email messages or print notices pertaining to their membership status and eligibility to vote in elections directly from the Society or Johns Hopkins University Press as its publisher and membership services agent. Neither the Society, nor Johns Hopkins University Press, sells, rents, or otherwise shares email addresses or other personal information with third parties.

The mailing list is managed by the Society as a restricted Google Group, currently hosted by the University of California, Berkeley. Members do not need to have or use a Gmail account to receive postings, as they will be sent to the email address associated with your Dante Society membership record. Except for publication announcements (see further below), postings may be sent directly to the mailing list address:; postings may include attachments. A list moderator will review and approve your message for posting or contact you if does not appear to meet the posting criteria.

In keeping with the Society's mission to encourage the study and appreciation of the time, life, works, and cultural legacy of Dante Alighieri, the posting criteria include:

  • announcements of major Dante-related conferences and events
  • calls for papers for forthcoming Dante-related conferences and publications
  • announcements about the Society’s initiatives and publications
  • announcements of significant new books about Dante and his works by current members of the Society published by academic and commercial presses
  • obituaries of Society members who have made significant contributions to advancing the Society’s mission

Publication notices should be sent to for consideration instead of directly to the mailing list. Publications that do not fit the above criteria (such as non-academic or commercial publications or websites) may be announced instead on the Society’s Twitter account (@TheDanteSociety), which members are invited to follow. Members may send notices of their own publications, or publications by other members; email and Twitter announcements of publications are based solely upon notifications made to the Society.

The mailing list is not a discussion forum. The posting criteria therefore exclude:

  • queries about Dante and his works
  • personal messages directed to other members
  • job postings

The list moderators, appointed by the Society's Council, are responsible for ensuring that posting guidelines are appropriately met, but neither they nor the Dante Society of America make any guarantee regarding the reliability, accuracy, legitimacy, or quality of any messages posted to the list. Authors are solely responsible for the content of their messages.

Approved by the Council of the Dante Society of America, May 5, 2017; updated September 20, 2020, October 12, 2020, May 31, 2023