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Dante Notes is a new web space in which current and engaging research and pedagogy projects related to Dante will be featured. In keeping with the original mission of the Electronic Bulletin of the Dante Society of America, and widening it to include a distinct pedagogical section and one devoted to essays by students, this  new venue will host vetted projects and essays for a period of one year, ensuring additional prominence and immediate availability to the readership. With the change of the calendar year, essays that have appeared in this space will migrate permanently to the EBDSA archive in their appropriate sections. With this new series of the EBDSA, our desire is to continue to encourage discussion and debate among Dante scholars by publishing new work that deserves a first airing. Since our electronic format allows the editorial board both to respond to and to publish submissions quickly, publication is possible more rapidly than in any forum devoted to Dante of which we know.

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Tolkien’s Brief Allusion to Dante’s Selva Oscura
Leon Jacobowitz Efron (Shalem College, Israel) June 29, 2019

A Comment on Doré’s Illustrations of Dante (Inferno)
Connor McDonald (Independent Scholar) March 13, 2019

Sex, Floods, and a Learned Gloss. Reading Dante’s Commentators within the Decameron
Simone Marchesi (Princeton University) January 19, 2019


Teaching Dante: An Annotated Syllabus
Jacob Root (Grace Church School, New York, NY) November 25, 2018
Root was the winner of the third annual Durling Prize for teaching Dante at the pre-collegiate level.

Dante for All
Sandy Wilcox (Geneseo Central School) July 3, 2018
Now retired, Wilcox reflects on fifteen years of teaching Dante to high school sophomores.

Introduction to the Undergraduate Dante Journal of Singapore
Andrew Hui (Yale-NUS College) November 26, 2017

Teaching Dante: An Annotated Syllabus
Daniel Christian (Gilman School, Baltimore, MD) November 19, 2017
Christian was the winner of the second annual Durling Prize for teaching Dante at the pre-collegiate level.
See also Christian's contributions to the Fall 2017 issue of Brigham Young University's online journal Lingua Romanawhich was dedicated to "Dante and the Public Humanities."

Teaching Dante: An Annotated Syllabus
Barbara Rosenblit (Weber School, Atlanta, GA) April 11, 2017
Rosenblit was the winner of the first annual Durling Prize for teaching Dante at the pre-collegiate level.

Student Encounters

Strangers No More: When Harry Met [Dante]…
Kate Dowling (Bryn Mawr School) March 9, 2019

Dante Finds a Second Eternal Home inside a Harry Chapin Rooming House
Katrina Salmon (Bryn Mawr School) March 9, 2019

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